Rugby Program and Tournament Formula

The Rugby tournament is structured in Seniores, Women and Veterans tournaments

-Seniores play a 7’s Tournament
-Women play a 7’s Tournament
-Veterans play a 15’s Tournament

The Matches last 14 minutes for the 7′s Tournament and for the Veterans


32 Teams, 8 Different pools.

-The first Ranked of every pool competes for the CUP TROPHY
-The second Ranked teams compete for the PLATE TROPHY
-The third Ranked teams compete for the SHIELD TROPHY
-The fourth Ranked teams compete for the BOWL TROPHY


2 different pools. The first 2 of every pool plays the semifinals and finals


In veteran tournament usually we have different groups of 3/4  teams. Veteran games will be played on Friday evening starting from 20:00, on Saturday and Sunday from 9:00 to 20:00.
All participating teams can choose to play two days out of three.


Friday: 8pm the Veterans start playing until late night

Saturday: from 8:00 am to 6pm all teams will play into the 2 fields, in order to set the ranking for the Sunday games

Sunday: from 8:00am to 5pm all teams will play the quarter finals, semifinals and finals

I’ve been lucky enough to referee at some of the most spectacular 7s and 10s tournaments across the globe. Hong Kong, Wellington, Dubai and Stockholm to mention a few. However, the Cernusco Rugby 7’s Tournament is up there with the best. Based just outside the City centre of Milan, it’s an ideal tournament to mix fun, entertaining rugby with a social scene comparable to the best tournaments in the World

Wayne Barnes, Referee – World Cup 2011/2015